All New Transformers Animated Series Episodes in Hindi (HD)

Plot – It follows the adventures of a small crew of Autobots, who come into possession of the all-powerful AllSpark artifact. Stranded on Earth and living among the population of Detroit, they face off against a series of human villains and their mighty Decepticon foes, who seek to possess the AllSpark. Though they were originally a lowly space bridge repair crew, these five Autobots must rise to their circumstances to deal with threats large and small.

Episode 1 – “Transform and Roll Out Part – 1”

Episode 2 – “Transform and Roll Out Part – 2”

Episode 3 – “Transform and Roll Out Part – 3”

Episode 4 – “Home is Where the Spark is”

Episode 5 – “Total Meltdown”

Episode 6 – “Blast From the Past”

Episode 7 – “The Thrill of Hunt”


Episode 8 – “Nanosec”


Episode 9 – “Along Came a Spider”

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Transformers : Animated Episode – 09 "Along Came a Spider" in Hindi [HD]

Full Episode in Hindi [HD] –

About Episode – Bumblebee and Bulkhead’s first Halloween turns even spookier when they encounter a giant spider that turns out to be the deadly Decepticon Blackarachnia.

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Transformers : Animated Episode – 08 "Nanosec" in Hindi [HD]

Full Episode in Hindi [HD] –

About Episode – Bumblebee’s self-proclaimed title as “fastest thing on wheels” is threatened by Nanosec, a super speedster crook on a deadly mission that could destroy all of Detroit.

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Transformers : Animated Episode – 07 "The Thrill of Hunt" in Hindi [HD]

Full Episode in Hindi [HD] –

About Episode – While Autobots encounter a mysterious muscle car creating havoc in Detroit, Ratchet keeps flashing back to his “tour of duty” in the Great Autobot-Decepticon Wars.

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Transformers : Animated Series Episode 6 "Blast From the Past" in Hindi

About Episode – Megatron reveals himself to Prof. Sumdac and tricks the inventor into thinking that he is an Autobot. He then helps Sumdac in reprogramming some robotic dinosaurs after Bulkhead accidentally destroys them at a robotic theme park. While Sumdac tries to rebuild them, Prowl teaches Bulkhead how to ‘think and move’. Behind Sumdac’s back, Megatron upgrades these Dinobots – Grimlock (a Tyrannosaurus), Snarl (a Triceratops) and Swoop (a Pteranodon) – to become his new attack drones. But during their rampage, both Ratchet and Bumblebee try to use an electromagnetic attack to disable them. However, Sari’s key gets pulled into the mix, which gives the Dinobots a small semblance of “a spark”. Megatron tricks them into attacking the Autobots because “Cars bad. Cars that turn into robots worse.”; this forces the Cybertronian heroes to battle them. It is during this fight that Bulkhead proves to be exactly what the Autobots need to stop the Dinobots, his muscle more than a match for the Dinobots’ muscle. Sumdac thinks it would be better to dismantle the Dinobots, and Prime agrees, but Prowl (who senses a life force inside them) and Bulkhead, without Prime’s knowledge, take the Dinobots to an island in the middle of Lake Erie where they can exist peacefully.

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