[Anime Network India Exclusive] [First on Net ] All New Digimon Data Squad : Episode 1 – There are Monsters Among us in [Hindi]

About Episode – A fourteen-year-old youth named Marcus Damon, who desires to be the best fighter in the world, meets a strange dinosaur-like creature and engages the creature in a fist fight that ends in a draw. At that time, after introducing himself, Agumon vows to be Marcus’s follower as the two are confronted by Yoshino Fujieda, a teenaged member of a government agency known as DATS dispatched to capture Agumon. After escaping and hiding Agumon in Tokyo Tower, Marcus is found by Yoshino who brings him to her superior Commander Sampson. Commander Sampson and his Digimon Kudamon explain to Marcus that Agumon is a wild creature that will go out of control. Though Marcus dismisses this with the intent to bare any responsibility for anything Agumon does wrong, an alarm of a burger joint being attacked is reported in the area Agumon was hidden in. Though it appeared Agumon was the cause, it turned out to be the work of a Kokatorimon. After Kokatorimon knocks Agumon out, a furious Marcus sprints towards Kokatorimon and punches the bird in the face. Astonished of the energy generated from his fist, Marcus encounters a mysterious old fisherman who gives him a Digivice to channel his charged DNA in so Agumon can become stronger. This causes Agumon to Digivolve into GeoGreymon, defeating Kokatorimon as it reverts him back into a DigiEgg. Commander Sampson is impressed by the turn of events.

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Digimon Xros Wars Season : 02 Episode – 13 "The Mighty Love! Deckerdramon’s Final Scream!!" in Hindi [HD]

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About Episode – Kiriha is tricked by Gravimon into believing that Taiki is the reason he could never achieve his goal to be strong as the boy is consumed by the darkness in his heart. Tension runs high as a fight breaks out among the Xros Heart United Army with Taiki being hesitant fight back against Kiriha. Although the core Digimon from both sides were injured badly, Kiriha refuses to stop fighting until Deckerdramon stops it and reasons with Kiriha to regain the love that has lost from his heart. The action failed, and caused Kiriha to have Deckerdramon mortally wound for insubordination. Taiki intervenes so Deckerdramon revealed the rest of Kiriha’s past. Later, as Kiriha started to understand the source of his love, Gravimon appears to launch an attack from above with Deckerdramon shielding everyone with his own body. Kiriha soon realized that his power lays within the love and bond between him and his teammates. Though Deckerdramon dies due to the impact of Gravimon’s attack, his final action gave Kiriha, Taiki and Nene the will to execute Great Xros, a brand new DigiXros with their main Digimon forming Shoutmon ×7.

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Digimon Xros Wars Season : 02 Episode – 14 "The Bond of X7! The Sublime Battle with Gravimon!!" in Hindi [HD]

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About Episode – Fueled by Deckerdramon’s death, the restored bond between Kiriha with Taiki and Nene creates Shoutmon ×7. Although Shoutmon ×7 manages to destroy Gravimon, it is soon revealed, that Gravimon can regenerate himself if his heart is kept safe, by Hi-Vision Monitamon after he sneaks into the castle to investigate before being captured. As Taiki DigiXroses Cutemon with Dondokomon, Knightmon, PawnChessmons, Bastemon, ChibiKamemon and Jijimon to form G-Cutemon to hold off the Earth-god army, Nene and Kiriha sneak into the Death General’s castle to free the captured Hi-Vision Monitamon and find Gravimon’s heart. However, Gravimon expected them to pull off such a plan and DigiXros his remaining forces to assume Darkness Mode while revealing that he secretly transferred his heart into Taiki’s left arm during the first battle. Agreeing to Gravimon’s demands, Kiriha gives up his Xros Loader in order to save Taiki’s life. But when Gravimon attempts to kill Kiriha, Taiki shields his friend while ensuring the Death General would inflict damage on himself. Removing his heart from Taiki, Gravimon unknowingly allows Shoutmon ×7 to heavily wound the heart before Kiriha personally destroys it, marking the end of both Gravimon and the battle, leaving the Xros Heart United Army one more land and then the Bagra Army’s Headquarters.

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Digimon Xros Wars Season : 02 Episode – 08 "The Mysterious Cyber Land! The Beauty of Fullmetal City" in Hindi [HD]

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About Episode – Xros Heart arrives in the futuristic Kingdom, Cyber Land, where they are attacked by an army of Andromon emerging from a Whamon. However, upon defeating them, the gang realize they are only puppet-replicas. Deciding to stop it at the source, Taiki and his companions enter the Whamon-like spaceship and discover a strange girl kept in a capsule within it. Introducing herself as Ruka, she explains that she captured by the Bagra Army. Despite Dorulumon being reluctant to trust her, Taiki and the others quickly accept her into their group as she leads them out from the spaceship. However, Dorulumon soon gets separated from the others because of chasing over Ruka and encounters Cutemon, who is acting strangely. However, the Cutemon turns out to be the fourth Death General known as Splashmon, who possesses the ability to assume any form. Capturing Dorulumon in his trap, Splashmon reveals that his puppets, Ruka among them, are controlled by creatures created by him, called Drippins. Assuming Dorulumon’s form, Splashmon appears before Taiki and the rest as they look for their friend, leading a group of MetalTyrannomon to attack them.

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Digimon Xros Wars Season 2 Episode 7 "Brother, Why!? The Nightmarish Enemy, General Yuu" in Hindi

About Episode – Having heard from Kiriha that he saw a boy who resembled her younger brother, Nene is eager to search for Yuu, only to find him and learn that he has been willingly helping DarkKnightmon the entire time. Yuu and Tuwarmon then take their leave when Taiki and the others come to her aid, with Nene chasing after her brother. However, Yuu summons Doumon to cast a spell on Nene, giving her the delusion of being back in the human world. Tuwarmon whom about to kill Nene was stopped by Mervamon, who emerged from Nene’s Xros Loader. Taiki and Kiriha then discovered Nene’s exact location and break the illusion as DarkKnightmon appears with Lilithmon (who later been DigiXros with Blastmon and the Vilemon as Gattai Lilithmon by Yuu using his Darkness Loader). A chaotic fight soon follows with Doumon destroyed as Yuu DigiXros Tuwarmon onto DarkKnightmon for the latter to become MusouKnightmon. OmegaShoutmon and ZeekGreymon are fight in retaliation and the three Digimons’ power causes a big bang. As DarkKnightmon and his group depart, Nene makes up her mind to get Yuu back at any cost. 

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All New Digimon Xros Wars – The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms in Hindi

About Show – The following is a list of episodes for the second arc of Toei Animation’s Digimon Xros Wars anime series, known in Japan as Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms. This arc started airing on TV Asahi in Japan on April 3, 2011.

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Episode 1 – “Towards a New World! The Blazing General of Dragon Land”

Episode 2 – “Stand Up, Kiriha! Xros Heart’s Rescue Strategy”

Episode 3 – “Feel a Chill Run Down your Spine! The Moonlight General’s Vampire Land”

Episode 4 – “Don’t Die Greymon! Shoutmon DX is Born”

Episode 7 – “Brother, Why!? The Nightmarish Enemy, General Yuu”

More Episodes Coming Soon !

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Digimon Xros Wars Episode 10 "The Rival Champions!" in Hindi

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Arriving in the Lake Zone, Mikey and his friends find a group of frozen Digimon before hearing a voice calling out. Noting it to be similar to Shoutmon, Mikey learns that the Zone’s warrior Knightmon has been defeated on the verge of drowning in the nearly frozen lake. Diving in to load Knightmon into his Fusion Loader, Mikey is saved by ChibiTortomon as he and the other Fusion Fighters aid the Lake Zone army in driving of the Bagra Army platoon under Lalyamon’s subordinate IceDevimon. Moments later at the castle, the Fusion Fighters are introduced to the Lake Zone’s princess Beastmon with Knightmon telling her they have found their champion. However, Beastmon reveals she found another candidate in Christopher. While a banquet is served, Mikey and Christopher get into a conversation which is interrupted by Jeremy, Ballistamon, as well as Knightmon. Though the three state their distrust in Christopher after he leaves, Mikey thinks the youth is hiding something and wants to help. When the Bagra Army resume their attack, with Shoutmon and half of the Fusion Fighters unable to get up from overeating, Christopher DigiFuses Greymon and MailBirdramon into MetalGreymon to annihilate most of the army. Mikey then realizes that the fight is a distraction as IceDevimon and the Icemon sneaked into the castle to capture Beastmon. Luckily, Shoutmon gets his second wind to hinder the abduction with Mikey and the others meeting up with him. In retaliation, IceDevimon absorbs the Icemon to become IceDevimon Enhancement Absorbent and freezes Ballistamon while Metal Greymon holds off the Bagra Army’s assassin Reapmon. After Shoutmon uses the Drill Cannon to save him from IceDevimon, Knightmon and his PawnChessmon drive off IceDevimon. With Christopher taking his leave, admitting not to comfortable with her cuddling, Beastmon names Mikey her champion before he collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Laylamon is at a gate that opens to reveal a gigantic Digimon.

Digimon Xros Wars Episode 29 "Taiki & Kiriha VS the Bagra Army, a Complete Showdown!" in Hindi

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Taiki and others comes to Sword Zone, where all Digimon in this zone have a goal to become the real swordsman but Grademon arrives and attack them, causing Xros Heart to fight against him. Shoutmon ×4 who managed to defeat Grademon but Taiki’s wishes of hoping all the enemy to become a kind digimon turns Grademon back to itself original form with the Code Crown’s power. Grademon later leaves the place. By then, Kiriha appears in front of Taiki and reveals the war for the Digital World is about to commence. Tactimon soon appears and overwhelms Shoutmon ×5 and DeckerGreymon with his Jatetsufūjinmaru and collect the Code Crowns from Taiki’s and Kiriha’s Xros Loaders to be presented to Bagramon. When Tactimon about to demolish Taiki, Grademon returns and take over his place and lastly sacrifice himself by destroy Tactimon’s tower, unlocking and allowing Beelzebumon to enter the Zone. Shoutmon ×5B is then forms to send Tactimon off the Zone with the help of Greymon and other Xros Heart’s Digimon. However, Bagramon then appears, absorbing all of the Code Crowns and sending Taiki, Zenjirō, Akari back to the human world together with Shoutmon. Furthermore, now the ruler of the Digital World, Bagramon is revealed to be DarkKnightmon’s elder brother as they plan on making big changes. 

Digimon Xros Wars Episode 15 " Heaven Zone, The Trap of Paradise! " in Hindi

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After being sent through a portal created by Lalyamon, the Fusion Fighters arrive to a floating city-type zone and are amazed by their surroundings. Accidentally falling off a ledge, Mikey is saved by Shakkoumon who warns the Fusion Fighters not to be fooled by appearances in the Sky Zone. At that time, Dondokomon’s attempt to play alongside a Pucchiemon orchestra gets him in trouble with a Piximon police officer whose rant of the numerous laws the Fusions Fighters had unknowingly broke attracts the attention of his superior Gargolyemon. Luckily, the Fusion Fighters get help from a resident named Lucemon who takes the punishment in their stead. After the argument is resolved, Lucemon tells Mikey and his group that Gargoylemon is a member of the police under SlushAngemon who is the zone’s president. Though he explains that SlushAngemon has ensure none of the Bagra Army would attack the Sky Zone, allowing his fellow residents to live a peaceful and artistic life. But due to SlushAngemon’s methods of maintaining order, Lucemon reveals his intent to become president to remove the harsh laws that have placed everyone in fear. Taking them on a balloon tour while explaining that Shakkoumon is not one to be trusted, Lucemon brings the Fusion Fighters to an art gallery where it appeared Dondokomon knocks down a sculpture. Gargoylemon arrives and arrests Dondokomon for the act of vandalism, along with Mikey and Shoutmon for obstructing justice. While being interrogated, Mikey knows that finding the real culprit is the only way to clear their names as he and the others are freed by their team mates. However, the Fusion Fighters are knocked out by SlushAngemon and prepared to be executed the next day. In the arena, Lucemon attempts to denounce SlushAngemon’s justice system as a Kyupimon confesses that he accidentally broke the statue while playing. With Kyupimon now being executed in their place, Mikey refuses to allow it as he forms Shoutmon ×4 to fight SlushAngemon. However, Shoutmon ×4 is overwhelmed by SlushAngemon’s speed until Beelzemon arrives and tells Mikey to DigiFuse him with Shoutmon to create Shoutmon ×4B. Though Shoutmon ×4B gets the upper hand against SlushAngemon, Mikey stops him from finishing their opponent off as Lucemon’s words to SlushAngemon to spare Kyupimon’s life gain the crowd’s support to become the Sky Zone’s new leader with Shakkoumon watching from afar.

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Digimon Xros Wars Episode 8 "Fierce General Tactimon, Close In!" in Hindi

Realizing that prolonging the fight might cause the caves to collapse and kill the prisoners, Taiki decides to surrender, reassuring AncientVolcamon with a fake Xros Loader. They are taken to the cells, where they learn from a Prairiemon that Cutemon’s parents had already been transferred to a different facility. Elsewhere, Tactimon is informed by a Troopmon that Taiki and Dorulumon were captured in the Magma Zone. Xros Heart starts to dig their way through the walls, motivating Dorulumon and the other prisoners to help them. AncientVolcamon soon learns of the fake Xros Loader from SkullMeramon, who sends an army of Meramon to ambush the escapees. Shoutmon ×2 manages to defeat both the army and SkullMeramon, but AncientVolcamon proves to be a match for even Shoutmon ×4. Taiki uses the DigiMemory of Agumon to distract AncientVolcamon long enough for Shoutmon ×4 to recover and plug up the volcano on his opponent’s back, causing him to explode. However, the group is soon approached by Tactimon, who reveals that Dorulumon was once his right-hand man.  

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