Beyblade (Season 1) Episode "Battle in the Sky" in hindi

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The BBA Asian Tournament is underway, at the peak of a unbelievably high tower in China. The BladeBreakers and the White Tigers realize that they will eventually battle each other, and they use this against each other. First up, the BladeBreakers versus the Tall Boys. The BladeBreakers manage to scrape through to the next round, despite some of the Tall Boys’ Beys having spikes and being able to generate heat. They then check out Mariah’s Gallux Bit Beast, from the White Tigers, and Tyson can’t wait for their fight.

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Beywheelz (Powered by Beyblade) Episode 1 in Hindi

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About Episode – The Beywheelz world championship final match takes place between Sho Tenma and Jin Ryu. With encouragement from the number 3 wheeler, Leon Fierce, Sho defeats Jin to become the number 1 wheeler. It is revealed that all three are members of Team Estrella, and that their team has dominated the world championship for the last few years. Meanwhile a mysterious group watches from the shadows and decide that it is now time to reveal themselves to the world. 

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