[Anime Network India Exclusive] The Scooby-Doo Show in Hindi [POGO] [First on Net]

Story – Scooby Doo and his teenage friends solve mysteries; then Blue Falcon and Dynomutt fight crime in each two-part episode of this animated series. Scooby Doo, the cowardly Great Dane who rises to the occasion after eating his Scooby snacks, joins Shaggy, the long-haired fraidy-cat with a bottomless appetite; Velma, the brainy wallflower who is nearly blind without her glasses; Fred, the handsome blonde go-getter; and Daphne, the pretty redhead, in solving mysteries that seem to involve the supernatural. But the ghosts, goblins and various beasties always prove to be corporeal humans engaged in one kind of nefarious activity or another… The millionaire playboy, Radley Crown, and his loyal dog are secretly the costumed crimefighters, Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, the scourge of all the colorful villains of Big City. The Blue Falcon supplies himself with many gadget-weapons and flies through the air in his Falconcar; while his robot dog, with his telescoping legs and neck, and a body full of contraptions, is a walking, talking gadget on his own. Clumsy and incompetent though Dynomutt is, somehow he and the ever-annoyed Blue Falcon manage to triumph over their flamboyantly evil enemies.

Episode 1 – “High Rise Hair Raiser”

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