[Anime Network India] Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Galctic Battle "Episode 19 – Evolving Strategies" In Hindi [HD]

About Episode – The Lake Acuity showdown between Ash and Paul continues with a face-off between Pikachu and Magmortar! Pikachu lands the first attack, only to be burned by Magmortar’s Flame Body Ability. The longer the battle lasts, the worse it will be for Pikachu. Ash soon switches Pikachu out for Buizel, but Paul switches in Ursaring before Buizel can use its type advantage against Magmortar. Even after Ursaring powers up with Bulk Up, Ash isn’t worried; he’s confident in Buizel’s fighting ability and countershield technique. Ash changes his mind after seeing Ursaring in action, but Buizel wants to keep battling. Ash agrees, which is a mistake: Ursaring’s next hit knocks Buizel out of the match!

Staraptor is up next for Ash but when it gets into close combat with Ursaring, Ursaring hammers it to the ground. Paul switches to Electabuzz so Ash sends in Chimchar, but it’s another decoy move: Electabuzz sets up Light Screen to protect Paul’s next Pokémon, Torterra. Thanks to Light Screen, Torterra has less to fear from Chimchar’s Fire-type attacks, so Ash figures Gliscor should finish the job. Alas, Torterra simply uses Frenzy Plant to defeat Gliscor. Pikachu volunteers to battle next and this triggers another switch by Paul, who brings back Ursaring. Although Pikachu’s Static Ability paralyzes Ursaring, it uses the Guts Ability to power through the paralysis and smash Pikachu into Lake Acuity. Now Ash only has Chimchar left!

Ash’s Chimchar is eager to show its stuff. After its Flamethrower knocks out Ursaring, Chimchar is so psyched that it evolves into Monferno and picks up a new move: Mach Punch! Paul brings in Electabuzz, who has the defensive moves to keep Monferno’s attacks at bay. Monferno burns with the will to win, but it all comes down to Monferno’s Mach Punch versus Electabuzz’s Thunder Punch. When the smoke clears, Monferno faints, so Paul wins the match. Ash is quietly devastated; what can he do now, after being crushed by his rival…?

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