Pokemon Black & White Episode 44 "The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome! ‘ in Hindi [HD]


About Episode – The Nimbasa Pokémon Club Battle’s final round approaches! Ash has already defeated his opponent in the semi-finals, and Iris and Axew (who is battling in a tournament for the first time) are up against Luke and his Golett for the right to battle Ash for the title. The battling is fierce, and it appears Golett will be victorious, keeping Axew on the run from its powerful attacks. But the tables turn when Axew learns the powerful Dragon-type move Outrage, and it battles back with a vengeance to defeat Golett!

And now on to the final round, with Ash and Pikachu facing off against Iris and Excadrill. At the same time, Burgundy has challenged Cilan to a Connoisseur Battle! This side event doesn’t last long, as Burgundy soon realizes Cilan’s technique is simply too overwhelming and admits defeat.

Meanwhile, Pikachu and Excadrill are battling with everything they’ve got, and it isn’t long before both Pokémon are running out of steam. Excadrill delivers one final Focus Blast to give Iris the win—for the battle and the competition, claiming the coveted Top-Class Driftveil Wing Set as her prize!

Bidding their old friends goodbye, our heroes again set their sights on Nimbasa City and Ash’s next Unova Gym Battle!

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