Pokemon Black & White Episode 28 "Oshawott’s Lost Scalchop!!’ in Hindi [HD]


About Episode – Ash and his friends continue toward Nimbasa City, site of Ash’s next Gym Battle. On the way, the gang comes across a confident Trainer named Stephan, who challenges Ash to battle his Blitzle. Ash intends to start the match with Pikachu, but Oshawott wants to lead the battle instead! Ash agrees, but as the battle gets under way, Oshawott’s scalchop gets knocked off its belly and flies into a dense part of the forest.

Ash calls off the battle until the next day so he and Oshawott can find the scalchop. After coming up empty-handed, they try to improvise a scalchop substitute…without much luck. Cilan even asks Dwebble to carve a shield out of rock, but it’s too heavy for Oshawott to handle. So it’s time for some special training!

Ash and Pikachu work with Oshawott all night long. The training pays off, as Oshawott’s speed and strength have greatly improved. When the battle resumes the next day, we find that Blitzle and Oshawott have both become much stronger! But at the end of the battle, it’s Oshawott who prevails, giving the victory to Ash! Then, Axew happens to find Oshawott’s lost scalchop, much to everyone’s delight.

It’s been a long day for Oshawott, and the exhausted Pokémon falls into a deep sleep. Our heroes marvel at how circumstances can turn difficulty into opportunity—especially with dedicated support from a Trainer like Ash!

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