Pokemon Black & White Episode 27 "The Dragon Master’s Path!!’ in Hindi [HD]


About Episode – Getting in a little training on their way to the Nimbasa City Gym, Ash and his friends are surprised to come across what appears to be a very angry Druddigon. Its Trainer, Emmy, soon comes looking for her missing Dragon-type Pokémon. Druddigon looks dangerous, but Iris isn’t afraid—she reminds everyone that she grew up in a village where people and Dragon-type Pokémon live together as friends. Emmy confesses to Iris that she’s a brand-new Trainer, and asks if Iris can teach her more about Dragon-types. Iris suggests that Emmy and Druddigon have a battle, and of course, Ash volunteers to be their opponent!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has a plan to catch Druddigon, Axew, and—as always—Pikachu. Jessie and James interrupt Ash and Emmy’s battle with an attack of their own, and manage to snag the three Pokémon with heavy ropes—but a well-timed Dragon Claw from Druddigon sets Pikachu free. Team Rocket’s ship takes off with Druddigon and Axew. Working together, the two Dragon-types manage to break out of their cage and escape!

Team Rocket’s Woobat and Yamask are hot on their trail, but Iris is also tracking the two, using her natural instincts. They all catch up at the same time, and the battle to rescue the stolen Pokémon is on! In the midst of the scuffle, Druddigon learns Draco Meteor, and Axew finally figures out how to control its powerful Dragon Rage attack. Accepting temporary defeat, Team Rocket makes a hasty exit, and Emmy decides she’s ready to go on her journey with Druddigon!

Our heroes bid a fond farewell to Emmy and Druddigon, as Ash and Iris renew their determination to become a Pokémon Master and a Dragon Master!

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